Can the cat be trained?

The word training is unfortunately still used widely, although you agree with the statement that it is associated rather negatively. No true devotee cats rather not use that word. Therefore, it can be said that a cat can not be trained, but teach many things.

Should not, of course to the point of easy, mainly due to the fact that cats are very independent animals. There is nothing surprising in this, if we take into account the fact that for hundreds of years of breeding never really was not necessary for cats obedience. Their task was only catching mice and other pests. Cats are animals that do not live in groups where there is a strict hierarchy. Do not they also have an innate tendency to submit to anyone.

So we can say that cats learn to really what they want. You can not force them to do what we want. Otherwise, very soon we may alienate your pet. Nor should we punish the cat. During the training should not apply any penalties. It is worth remembering.

If we want this to learn something cat, we use only reward. This could be, for example, all sorts of treats, warm words, or caresses. We should reward it every time you perform the exercises correctly. Science should be for the cat above all enjoyable and should also positively associated to him. Therefore, it would be best that the science could be combined with fun. During this study we should prove first of all an enormous patience. As a result, we are able to teach a cat really many interesting tricks.

We need only remember one extremely important principle: the cat is not and never will be a dog. It is the most intelligent animal, but never will we blindly obey. Man must enjoy the trust and love. From this should therefore begin. At the outset, let us first of all is to win his affection.

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