Do cats understand what we say to them?

Is it possible to understand the cat's tongue? On this question probably she wondered every fan of furries. There is still another question: Are our cats understand what we say to them? If so, how is that possible?

Many people convinces us that cats certainly understand what we are talking to them. Others believe that cats are not able to recognize the meaning of words, but perfect sense human emotions and react to facial expressions and gestures that express these emotions best. So how cats are able to understand the meaning of spoken our words?

It is all about simple and often repetitive messages such as: "Come on," or "Let's go", "going out". Cat hearing these words knows that data should then leave the room. Similarly, in articulating words about favorite toys of cats. These animals know what toys terms and for what purpose to use them. Cats also very willing to respond to the words on food. They know very well that they will get just karma when talking about them.

Of course, cats do not know all the words. There is therefore no sense at delivering them long speeches. These animals are able to understand simple, short sentences, and above all the keywords contained in these sentences. Cats quickly learn to recognize words that have practical significance for them. It is therefore of such words as "food", which for them means first of all time feeding, or "toy" because it looks fun.

The more you talk to your pet, the more he will be able to memorize words, but be aware that there is obviously a limit. Cats are able to remember only a certain number of words. But it is hard to find any scientific study that would be able to confirm the cat's linguistic skills. Please note that our cat meaning of words can be completely different for us.

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Do cats understand what we say to them?
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