What to do when a cat meows in the night?

Meowing cat at night can be a huge problem. Can you do anything to stop the cat meowing at night? Of course this is possible, but is needed in this case the right approach. At the outset, we should ask ourselves first of all the question of why so even a cat meowing in the night. The reasons can be many and varied. One of the most common reasons is the mating season. Females in heat very often encourage their business partners through meowing. The sounds that then seem to differ little from the usual Mew, so with a little practice, we are able over time to identify whether meowing is the result of heat. Another clue can also be characteristic of the behavior of cats.

Castrated males can therefore meow because they are frustrated that they have an insatiable sex drive. This happens especially when staying somewhere in the vicinity of some attractive female and male senses the smell. The best solution in this case will prove castration surgery.

Another cause of night Mew may be the stress of moving. It should be particularly noted that cats are territorial animals, which is very attached to his residence. If you change a house or apartment, the cat begins to meow at night, laments, because the feeling of extreme stress. Most suffer from these felines, which in addition to the existing residence, also changed his guardian. They begin to yearn for a man, because in this way indicate his sadness.

The problem of night Mew often applies to kittens that early were received from the mother. They feel lonely and lost, afraid also, because they do not feel ready to live independently. It is widely accepted that the minimum age at which the pet is able to leave his mother of 12 weeks. The best way to solve this problem is not taking a toddler from his mother too early. However, if you already do so, you must become a foster parent for a kitten and devote his time as much as possible.

At night felines often they feel lonely and bored, especially when you do not want to let them into our bedroom. Cats this time are usually very active and can not understand why we are not able to care for them. Then they try to turn our attention just by meowing. You should not silence our pet because we make him believe that the night concerts are a perfect way to lure us out of bed. The best thing to prove in this case ignorance. Furry should know that we are not at his every beck and call. It should then provide the appropriate cat toys, so that takes the fun and not be bored.

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