Fondling cats and untouchable cats

There are two groups of cats. Some cling to the people, while others prefer to keep their distance. It is widely believed that the cat that did not have much contact with people in childhood, is unlikely to grow into a pet that will be rallied to his guardian. He will prefer to keep their...

How to teach the cat to be clean?

Teaching to use the litter box may be a real problem. Every cat owner knows this. It would seem that the whole thing is very simple, because felines have an innate tendency to bury what remains after the expulsion. In practice, however, it is not so easy. Besides - you can always facilitate...

Can the cat be trained?

The word training is unfortunately still used widely, although you agree with the statement that it is associated rather negatively. No true devotee cats rather not use that word. Therefore, it can be said that a cat can not be trained, but teach many things. Should not, of course to the...

What to do when a cat meows in the night?

Meowing cat at night can be a huge problem. Can you do anything to stop the cat meowing at night? Of course this is possible, but is needed in this case the right approach. At the outset, we should ask ourselves first of all the question of why so even a cat meowing in the night. The reasons...

Do cats understand what we say to them?

Is it possible to understand the cat's tongue? On this question probably she wondered every fan of furries. There is still another question: Are our cats understand what we say to them? If so, how is that possible? Many people convinces us that cats certainly understand what we are talking...

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Do cats understand what we say to them?
What to do when a cat meows in the night?
Can the cat be trained?
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