How to teach the cat to be clean?

Teaching to use the litter box may be a real problem. Every cat owner knows this. It would seem that the whole thing is very simple, because felines have an innate tendency to bury what remains after the expulsion. In practice, however, it is not so easy. Besides - you can always facilitate this process and accelerate it.

It should adhere to certain general principles that apply to the choice of place settings cuvette in our house or apartment. Keep in mind that this should be the place where the cat will be provided with a little bit of intimacy, at least at the stage of learning to use the litter box.

If you have little kittens, we must remember that the cuvette was set within their sight, so in the room where they are staying. We can not count on that little kitten will run at the end of the apartment to use the litter box in an emergency. Best give him a couple of toilets, so that each was as close as possible.

Ruja u kotki

If we teach a cat to use the litter box, it is worth at the very beginning to stock up on grit betonitowy, which is odorless and has a fine granularity. It is all about so that the grit could possibly most resemble cat ordinary sand. Both the texture and smell of the cat should not irritate. We must also remember to systematically use the litter box, because the dirty cat will not want to settle.

Also, do not do anything by force. We need about two or three times a day take furry hands and put in the cell. Let there be as long as he wants. Then he should not in any way interfere, but let it be able to become familiar with the litter box.

Slightly different is the case of an adult cat, you accept into your home, and who had already used the litter box. It should take with him his current toilets and litter. You can also ask for a bit of grit from the previous litter box because it is filled with the smell that the cat already knows.

If a cat settle outside the litter box, do not yell at him and rage. Such methods only will stress our furry, and we do not want. If you notice that the cat covenant to settle outside the litter box, you should gently take it on your arm, take it to the litter box and boast.

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