Feline love

Can cats love? That is the question! Every lover of cats answers this affirmative, of course, but this has not been scientifically proven yet. If, however, the cats can love is the feeling different than human? Who can cats love? How do they love? We will try to answer all these questions. Until recently it was thought that animals are not capable of any feelings. Today it is known that such a claim was a mistake. Although I have not found until now scientific evidence, many people assumes that animals are capable of higher feelings.

What is the motherly love cats?

Probably most of us would agree also with the statement that there is no such thing as mother love cats. Very often seen as great tenderness cat mothers have for their kittens, at least until they start to be yourself. Later, because maternal love expires. Sometimes, however, also happens so that one of the daughters remain with their mother and with her raising offspring, both his and hers. There are also cat fathers, who can be seen clearly greater involvement. They show a willingness to play with their children, and sometimes watch them even if she-cat goes hunting.

How does the love of children to their parents in cats?

In the case of cats bond with the mother usually expire when they reach maturity. That is, in most cases, although there are exceptions, as was mentioned above. Males can also stay close to his mother, but over time this is no longer the same feeling. If the male is not castrated, the relationship between him and his mother becomes a sexual nature. After castration may, however, they are companions. Sexual nature also applies to relationship between a father with his daughter kitten.

How does love partner in cats?

Particularly noteworthy is the fact that cats mate only during the mating season. Outside this period they live independently. It is also worth mentioning that the male is usually met with a lot of cats. It is therefore difficult for perceiving the deeper feelings between male and female. Sometimes, however, it so happens that males have their favorite cat. They spend time with them willingly, even beyond mating.

How does the love of a cat to a man?

The bond that connects cats to people has a completely different character than the one that connects cats to cats, or representatives of other animal species. This is due probably to the fact that people take care of their pets, which are sometimes dependent on them. Some cats are totally indifferent to the people, others do not see the world beyond.

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