How does a feline selinity look like?

Despite cats can live for a really long time, but finally comes to old age, and signs of age are starting to be very visible. A typical sign of old age, among other things dull coat pet, no glare in his eyes, a little stiffer step, lower weight and greater need for sleep. For cat owners is a difficult period because come the sad thoughts and awareness that life is much longer their pupilom.

They return the nicest memories: the birth of fun growing up. A cat that spends with us all his life, becoming a member of our family. It is therefore difficult to imagine life without him. Although difficult this time must somehow survive it. Time is running relentlessly and cat in old age appears so suddenly and unexpectedly. Suddenly, a surprise that our favorite, who recently was still so young, suddenly strongly grown old. In the case of cats signs of aging appear late. According to Desmond Morris, in cats for old age account for only a tenth of their life cycle, and so much less than is the case in humans. For a long time the signs of aging seem to be almost unnoticeable. Cats very long retain their youthful energy.

The first symptom of old age is primarily a clearly reduced activity. It can be seen then that the cat needs much more sleep than before. Later, his movements become stiff and visible are also problems with jumping onto the closet. A typical symptom is also dull coat and losing its elasticity. The cat does not have the strength to carefully lick their fur. He begins to gain weight, and the cause of the changes in metabolism and reduced physical activity. Later in his life, however, the cats begin to lose weight.

In the cat may also arise diseases of old age. The most common include mainly diabetes, heart problems, digestive and ponds. Very often there are also kidney disorder. If the kidneys refuse to cooperate, you can not really expect to have the worst.

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