Understanding cats

Feline love

Can cats love? That is the question! Every lover of cats answers this affirmative, of course, but this has not been scientifically proven yet. If, however, the cats can love is the feeling different than human? Who can cats love? How do they love? We will try to answer all these questions...

Cats and toys – why they needs them?

In pet stores you will find a wide selection of toys for cats. Some are better, others worse. We select them in many respects. However, we are first and foremost in the fact that our cat should be happy to playing with them. Do you ever thought about the question, why the cat needs toys? In...

How does a feline selinity look like?

Despite cats can live for a really long time, but finally comes to old age, and signs of age are starting to be very visible. A typical sign of old age, among other things dull coat pet, no glare in his eyes, a little stiffer step, lower weight and greater need for sleep. For cat owners is a...

What is superfecundation in cats?

For many of us, curiosity may be the fact that the cat, who is pregnant, it can be fertilized again. This phenomenon is called sperfecundation and as it turns out, it is not uncommon for cats. Therefore sometimes it so happens that the cat, who had already been met, and the environment will be...

Are cats smart?

Each cat owner certainly agree with the statement that cats are clever. The question in the title of this article should really refer to the feline intelligence. Intelligence is called the ability to associate facts and problem-solving skills. Cats definitely have the ability, and you can find...

What we should think of before we decide that our cat had kittens?

Having only one cat involves really enormous responsibility, and what to speak about the whole bunch of small kittens. The decision to admit to tomcat kittens should therefore be very carefully thought out. You should not act solely on emotion, but carefully consider the pros and cons. You...

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