Cats and toys – why they needs them?

In pet stores you will find a wide selection of toys for cats. Some are better, others worse. We select them in many respects. However, we are first and foremost in the fact that our cat should be happy to playing with them. Do you ever thought about the question, why the cat needs toys?

In the book titled "You and your cat," David Taylor find the information that cats are starting to play around the age of 4-5 weeks. Some observations indicate that play is typical also for earlier age. It probably depends on the breed and given animal. At the beginning of the kittens play with themselves and with their mother. They are clumsy, and the fun lies mainly on mutual interlocking them and catching the tail. With time, however, comes the interest in objects that are around.

Such a fun turn out to be essential for proper physical development for kittens. By playing kittens are able to expand their mobility, which will obviously be useful in adult life, such as when hunting. Favorite version of fun will therefore play "in the hunt". By playing cats also they learn social behavior.

Particularly noteworthy is the fact that some animals play only in childhood. At the time when they begin to grow up, almost instantly lose tempted to play. The situation is different, however, in the case of cats. These animals are willing to play at any age, even the very elderly. It is particularly noteworthy that cats are animals very intelligent and curious world. They are characterized by a high degree of mental development and thus retain the ability to play all your life.

In the case of cats that spend their entire lives in the house, the fun is a substitute for hunting and allows the discharge excess energy. In cats, there is a very strong hunting instinct, and therefore it should be in some way to satisfy. In view of the fact that in the flat cat no opportunity to real hunting starts to hunt for the toy. The most popular are therefore those toys that her look like the natural prey, so rodents and small birds.

Cats can play really everything. This may be a piece of paper, sheet, or even the cap from the bottle. Despite this, you should purchase a real cat toys. Felines often get bored and start looking for something new. On the other hand, they have their favorite toys and they just want to have fun.

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