Are cats smart?

Each cat owner certainly agree with the statement that cats are clever. The question in the title of this article should really refer to the feline intelligence. Intelligence is called the ability to associate facts and problem-solving skills. Cats definitely have the ability, and you can find that out during daily communing with these pets.

A simple example might be the same way to open the door. This is not a mindless jumping on the handle and trying to fruition. The cat knows that pull the handle down and open the door in such a way: first jump, hind legs lean against the door frame, one paw grab a handle and a second handle to push in exactly the place where you need to. Each movement is thus thoroughly thought out and expedient.

Very often it is said that cats are reluctant to learn what they would like the man. This does not mean, however, that even these animals can not learn. On the contrary. Cats learn very quickly, but above all what they really want. They can also use their knowledge in practice.

There are many examples proving the fact that cats are intelligent animals. Some are obviously more intelligent and the other less - as is the case with humans. Although heavily on scientific confirmation, you may be tempted to conclude that there are some differences in intelligence between representatives of different cat breeds. Anyway, one thing is certain: cats are certainly among the most intelligent animals.

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