What is superfecundation in cats?

For many of us, curiosity may be the fact that the cat, who is pregnant, it can be fertilized again. This phenomenon is called sperfecundation and as it turns out, it is not uncommon for cats. Therefore sometimes it so happens that the cat, who had already been met, and the environment will be a male, may be re-mating and ovulation, and thus - to re-fertilize. The result of this is that in the uterus cats develop two litters, all ages.

Cat breeds within the typical older kittens, meaning those younger are born too early. If, however, the difference in time between the first and second mating was too large, the premature babies have no chance of survival.

Can you avoid the cat before superfecundation?

There is a way for it to protect the cat before nadpłodnieniem. It must be, of course, watch and isolated from males. It should be aware of what it really is superfecundation. Breeders should therefore aware of the fact that the male is the father of kittens. If the period that separates the two mating is small, all kittens can survive, even though they are of different ages and can have different fathers. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that they often give birth to kittens of all ages. This is because the male, of course if we let him, accompanied usually two or three days, until the expiry of the heat. One or two days difference in age between the kittens do not represent any problem, in which case this phenomenon is not called superfecundation.

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