What we should think of before we decide that our cat had kittens?

Having only one cat involves really enormous responsibility, and what to speak about the whole bunch of small kittens. The decision to admit to tomcat kittens should therefore be very carefully thought out. You should not act solely on emotion, but carefully consider the pros and cons. You should ask yourself some extremely important questions, and frankly myself to answer it.

The first question should relate to the amount of free time, which we are able to have to deal with the small cats. Small cats require a lot of attention. At the very beginning, that information should focus primarily on delivery. You never know whether he will need her our help. Date of birth is not predictable, so waiting for us really several days standby. Sometimes it happens that it is necessary to take a holiday not to leave female alone. Time is also needed for it to take care of small kittens. And it's not just about providing them with drinking or eating. We should also save time for fun, as it enables better will be their socialization. When the kittens a lot of time is spent also on simple tasks such as feeding or cleaning litter boxes.

Second, equally important question concerns the proper care we should give both the cat and her children. During pregnancy and feeding the cat should be provided appropriate for the conditions. What is needed is the quiet and secluded place to nest. This is extremely important because stress during this period may bring with it very serious consequences for, inter alia, problems in childbirth or lactation-related disorders. Growing kittens should be given a sufficiently large space to play.

Female in pregnancy and during lactation should be provided with adequate food. Kittens also require proper nutrition. It is particularly noteworthy that good quality food is unfortunately not cheap. We should therefore ask ourselves whether we can afford such karma. You should also remember other expenses. An example would be here kitty litter. One bag of cat litter family is consumed by about two weeks. Young kittens also need special toys. A good tutor should not forget also about deworming and vaccination, which is associated with further expenses.

It is worth considering also over whether or not to castrate and if chip them before giving away. The game also includes unexpected costs, associated inter alia with the help of a doctor or illness. Only after answering all the questions above, we can make an educated and fully informed decision.

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