How to care for cat's teeth?

First of all everybody care primarily about fur of a cat. We also want to ensure our pet with a properly balanced diet. And what about the teeth? Usually we forget about it not bearing in mind the fact that the consequences of such negligence can be very serious.

Why we should wash teeth of our cat?

Oral hygiene should be a necessity, primarily because plaque which builds up, over time begins to transform into tartar. The presence of the tartar may lead to serious inflammation of the gums. These in turn are starting to bleed over time, and eating begins to cause the pain. The consequence of this is, unfortunately, is a loss of appetite, and thus - deterioration of health. It should be particularly noted that untreated periodontal disease can also lead to tooth loss. It is most important reasons why you should take care of the kitten's teeth.

What brush to chose for a cat?

Not surprisingly the operation of brushing cat's teeth may be a real challenge. The vast majority of animals is very resistant and flees at the sight of a brush. Therefore, it is worth already little kittens to get familiar with the daily teeth brushing. What kind of toothbrush should we choose? The standard toothbrush which we use every day can not be correct due to the large head. You can use a child toothbrush instead. A good idea might be a special brush designed for cleaning teeth of dogs and cats. Such toothbrush usually has two heads, which allows for thorough cleaning of the entire surface of the teeth. You should purchase also a finger brush and material cleaners that you can purchase at most pet stores. If you do not want to stock up on such gadgets, just wrap sterile gauze around your finger and clean cat teeth with it.

What specimens for oral care are worth to have?

Use of the brush only is not enough. You should apply special specimen which will allow to remove food and bacteria from the surface of teeth. Use of toothpaste designed for humans is unacceptable as aroma is to strong for cats. In this case you should use only tooth pastes designed especially for dogs and cats. They are completely safe and will definitely easy the whole procedure of teeth cleaning thanks to encouraging meaty taste.

When to go to see a vet?

A control visit should take place every 6 months. In this way we will be able to regularly check the condition of teeth of our cat. If on the teeth surface is noticed tartar, it may have to be removed. Such a surgery is performed under general anesthesia. If we want to safe our cat from this we should take care for his teeth everyday.

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