How to measure cat's temperature?

Body temperature is one of the most important parameters to be taken into account when determining the health of a cat. We should know how to use the thermometer, so that the measurement could be the most reliable and we did not hurt our pet.

How do we know that the cat has a fever?

If you notice that your cat is depressed, does not want to play and is not interested in his favorite treats, and his body is slightly warmer than usual, it means that he may have a fever. Fever is one of the symptoms of infection, including viral one that could appear in the body. What we should do in this situation?

First of all we should be aware of what temperature range is considered to be normal for a cat. Typically, this temperature varies between 38-39 degrees Celsius. Worth to mention is that kittens until ten weeks of age, temperature is slightly lower and can be about 36 degrees Celsius. In case of adult cat, the temperature above 39.5 degrees Celsius or lower than 37.5 degrees Celsius may alarm you.

How to properly measure the temperature?

If you want to measure the temperature of a cat, you should have an electronic thermometer with a short measurement time, preferably with a flexible end. The use of ordinary glass mercury thermometers in this case is unacceptable, since the cat can be anxious when measuring the temperature, and the thermometer may be destroyed. During taking the temperature we should be accompanied with second person which will be able to hold the pet.

You can try to immobilize a cat for a while by wrapping him with a blanket or towel. Apply some petrolatum at the tip of the thermometer, lift the cat's tail and gently put the thermometer in his rectum, pushing the tool to a depth of about 2 centimetres. After an appropriate time (specified by the manufacturer), remove the thermometer and check the result.

You should particularly remember that in no case cat should not be given any medication that will be able to reduce the temperature. If he has a fever, you should first consult your veterinarian.

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