How to treat cold in cats?

Did you know that your cat can also catch a cold, and the causes of the disease may be the same as in your case? Cold may be also caused by sudden changes in temperature, soaking or chill. Just as humans, cats can distinguish certain factors conducive to cold. These include, among others: decreases in immunity caused by stress, illness, or even other factors. Under normal conditions this is not a big problem, however, it is not a pleasant thing. In extreme cases the common cold can be a life-threatening factor, for example, when cat suffers from FAIDS.

What are sympthomps of cold in cats?

A cold cat usually starts coughing and sneezing with a serous or purulent discharge leaking from his nose. Very often the pet is depressed and with a little appetite. If we give him dry food, he may be reluctant to eat because of a sore throat that is sometimes typical for the common cold. Dry food leads to irritation and is difficult to swallow. Sick cat may also have a raised temperature, swollen lymph nodes and conjunctivitis. These are the most common symptoms of colds in cats.

How to treat cold in cats?

Sick cat should stay in a warm place, preferably away from any drafts. There should also be plenty of fresh water to drink. We should also take care of delicious and easily digestible food for your pet. Ideally wet food meaning meat or canned cat food. Colds in cats should be treated by the administration of special preparations to mitigate the disease. If necessary, it is also recommended the use of fever-reducing medicines, anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics with a broad spectrum of action. Do not attempt to treat the cat by yourown. It is necessary to consult with a veterinarian.

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