Transporter for a cat – get a warmed cover!

If you plan to travel with your cat in winter, for example to your family for Christmas you should be equipped with a special warmed cover for the transporter. Even if you do not plan travelling with your cat in winter you should have such a cover just in case. Imagine you will be forced to visit a veterinarian.

Such a cover will be very useful then. Warmed cover is primarily useful for owners of cats with dense hair. During the trip in the transporter cat sits still. His muscles do not work in this situation, and thus - do not generate heat, which warms the body. Although the cat has thick fur, during travelling associated with low temperature pet gets cold significantly. Cat gets cold more if he is lives indoors and is not a tempered pet.

Transporter covers are available in many places together with Internet. But it in not the only way to ensure the cat with enough warm. Such a cover is easy to be made by your own and it is not difficult. Important fact is the top part is made from waterproof material with a hole for the transporter handle, you should remember about an opening in place of the transporter door.

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