What if cat goes out in winter?

There are both supporters and opponents of releasing the cat outside unattended. Regardless of views, however, each of us should be aware of what threatens our pet outside. In the winter, a big danger for our cat is naturally frost. It is therefore necessary to think about how we can protect the cat from a threatening frost. It is particularly noteworthy that we are not able to set the cat winter clothes, mainly because the pet is able to very quickly get rid of it.

What about the fact that your pet clad, since in the blink of an eye to get rid of it carefully assumed clothes. The only effective way to protect cats against dangerous frost is therefore appropriate feeding him food. What is the right food? It should first of all remember that winter diet was much more caloric than lukewarm. It is after all, is that the cat could draw more energy required to heat your body.

Another important threat to the cat in the winter can be a salt that is spread on streets and sidewalks. Such salt can contribute to significant because skin irritation pads his feet. It should therefore regularly watch the cat's feet, lubricate them lotion or spray a special spray that relieves such irritations. An example could be the brand beaphar propolis spray. All of the above suggestions apply of course breeds adapted to our climate.

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