Taking care for a cat

How to measure cat's temperature?

Body temperature is one of the most important parameters to be taken into account when determining the health of a cat. We should know how to use the thermometer, so that the measurement could be the most reliable and we did not hurt our pet. How do we know that the cat has a fever? If...

How to care for cat's teeth?

First of all everybody care primarily about fur of a cat. We also want to ensure our pet with a properly balanced diet. And what about the teeth? Usually we forget about it not bearing in mind the fact that the consequences of such negligence can be very serious. Why we should wash teeth of...

How to treat cold in cats?

Did you know that your cat can also catch a cold, and the causes of the disease may be the same as in your case? Cold may be also caused by sudden changes in temperature, soaking or chill. Just as humans, cats can distinguish certain factors conducive to cold. These include, among others:...

Transporter for a cat – get a warmed cover!

If you plan to travel with your cat in winter, for example to your family for Christmas you should be equipped with a special warmed cover for the transporter. Even if you do not plan travelling with your cat in winter you should have such a cover just in case. Imagine you will be forced to...

What if cat goes out in winter?

There are both supporters and opponents of releasing the cat outside unattended. Regardless of views, however, each of us should be aware of what threatens our pet outside. In the winter, a big danger for our cat is naturally frost. It is therefore necessary to think about how we can protect...

Cat litter – clumping and silica one

What cat litter to choose? Certainly you not once wondered about that question, especially if particularly care about your pet and you care about its professional care. Currently, she appeared on the market for a new litter for cats called Nullodor Color and yes, as the title of this article...

How quickly cats breed?

Cats breed very fast. Female cats may got pregnant even in age of 7-8 months. They are able to give birth 3 times with approximately 4 to 6 kittens each. Natural growth is large what may be proved by below calculations. Imagine we are starting a breeding. We then have a male cat and a female...

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