Cat litter – clumping and silica one

What cat litter to choose? Certainly you not once wondered about that question, especially if particularly care about your pet and you care about its professional care. Currently, she appeared on the market for a new litter for cats called Nullodor Color and yes, as the title of this article, it is the silica clumping litter. Litter is available in many online pet stores.

Litter that currently enjoys great popularity, and one of the most frequently mentioned advantages is primarily a large absorption of odours. The name suggests, therefore, that effectively gets rid of unpleasant odours. The word "nullodor" means in fact "zero odour." Upon application of this litter you can be sure that the litter box is clean, even after a long time since it was pouring in. The advantages also includes his appearance and the fact that it is small, allowing for a nice treading on it. The disadvantage may, however, be the same issue of the use of gravel.

Unfortunately, there is no clear guidance from the manufacturer. It bears only the information that litter should be replaced after a month, and lumps that arise under the influence of urine can be thrown away (as in the case of ordinary grits caking). In this case, however, considering the fact that if the lumps are removed, the contents of the cuvette should be, after all made up. It may therefore did not need to throw away nuggets? Reading the opinions of some users, it can be concluded that such a solution is not the worst. Simply dispose of the droppings litter and you can be sure that there will be teased unpleasant smell. Nuggets, in turn, appear to be so strong that the pet is not able to destroy them. Litter Nullodor Color can be purchased in four available colours: pink, blue, yellow and green.

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